Hello~! :D Me new here~!

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Hello~! :D Me new here~!

Post  Ellei_Lieli on Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:07 pm

Hello i'm new here, and I hope we become great friends! ^_^

I'm not good with introductions so i'll do my best introducing myself... *takes a deel breath* Ok here I go!

First I love Prussia<3 ^_^ he is my favorite character! I also like Russia, but Prussia is #1. My favorite pairing is Prussia X Russia... That's already expected... I also like other pairings such as USXUK, Greece X Japan, Germany X Prussia, etc.(I'm not sure if I was suppose to mention this O-O so i'm sorry if I wasn't suppose to...Please forgive me T^T)

I have roleplay characters in facebook too! Well I don't know if I can mention my rp character here, but he is Prussia so yeah ^_^" I also have a Dark!Russia acc, and been thinking of making a HRE acc too.


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