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Post  Hetalia World Conference on Sat Jun 23, 2012 1:28 pm

Have you ever been interested in a role playing anime group, but didn't know which anime to pick or where to find a group? If you are a fan of Hetalia then you are in luck. The Hetalia World Conference Group is accepting new members in our ranks. If there's a certain character from Hetalia that you like to role play as then you could be offered a permanent position in our group.

Here's the characters we have available:
Japan, Switzerland, Lithuania, Spain, Albania
Luxembourg, South Italy, Moldova, Egypt, Greece
Cyprus, North Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Tibet
Bengal, Osaka, Mexico, Cuba, Seborga
Ladonia, Hutt River, Sealand, Kugelmugel, Carthage
Iberia, Gaul, Britannia, Aestil, Magyar
Cameroon and Paraguay

No OC's(Characters you made up), most genderbends are open
For more information, contact us at hetaliawcg @ yahoo . com (remove the spaces. had to space them in order to post the email.)
Hetalia World Conference
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