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Butterfly [ReaderxGreece]

You took a deep breathe.

You enjoyed the smell of the holiday spirit, freedom.

Under your bare feet you felt the grass, wetted from the morning dew, which wasn´t dried yet, because the shadows of the big trees cooled the ground.

The soft wet grass under your feet and the shadow of the trees were a welcome cooling, especially since there were already 35 ° C and the midday sun was nearing its zenith.

Was there a better summer residence than Greece? Calm and relaxed people; pleasant strolls without hurry. Sun, nature, sea ...

Tuscany, Black Forest, all well and good.

But Greek holiday vacations were the best.

And that definitely wasn´t because of a certain Greek, you definitely didn´t like in a romantic way, like your best friend Taiwan always claimed!

It was simply and solely the Greek air! Oh yes, if you breathe the Greek air, you feel so-


The next thing you noticed was the grass underneath your whole body and the hell of a pain in the hands, which you were trying to intercept yourself with.

You managed to get up slowly, examining your hands that were slightly scarred now. Then your gaze drifted to your knees, which had taken the tumble a lot worse. They were bleeding like mad and there were tons of dirt in the wounds.

"Shit, scheiße, merde, paska, σκατά, merda, govno, mauris, mierda, дерьмо ..." you cursed under your breath.

Why were these things always happening to you?

And what had really happened anyway? Did the trees grow spontaneously from the soil? Well that would be really-

"Συγγνώμη! Everything in order, [first name]?"

You shifted your gaze to Heracles Karpusi, the human representation of Greece.

You just nodded, while you were blushing lightly.

Of course you weren´t red, because he looks so cute, but because you thought that the whole events were embarrassing. You just tumbled over him, and he certainly had a beautiful view when you considered that you only wore a short dress.

"That's good." Heracles said, smiling, before he slowly rose, yawned and then stretched.

"We should go and wash your wounds." He said somewhat sleepily, and took your hand. "I also owe you a dinner for tonight."

Again you nodded simply and he pulled you behind with him.

The tomato-worthy shade of red on your cheeks, however, was one you admitted to yourself as a Heracles-caused-blush because of the soft and warm hand that had taken yours and because of the invitation to dinner.

Possibly, your best friend had been right.

You had been torn from your thoughts, when Hercules knelt in front of you, put your feet carefully on a stone in the water, tore off a piece of his shirt, wet it and gently dabbed your knees, tried to wash away the dirt.

"Beautiful brook." You heard yourself saying when the silence was too oppressive for you.

Heracles smiled. "Beautiful forest in general."

Without a second thought about it, you said what you thought that moment.

"Yes, Greece is beautiful. Maybe a little too hot, but very beautiful. I think I fell for it. "

Only as Heracles chuckled, you noticed what you actually had confessed. Instantly, your shade of red grew even darker dark.

"Thank you, [nickname], I think you're also incredibly cute and beautiful."

Then you felt soft lips on yours.

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Jealousy [sweet!RussiaxReader;Jealous!America]

Written for Alaska Braginski

You tried to stifle a yawn, as you didn´t want to be so impolite to interrupt Canada's presentation.

Not that it was this boring at all...

But at the global conferences each and every country held a 30 minute presentation, no matter how small or insignificant the country was. And, well, after several countries and several bad to terrible presentations, you weren´t too interested in Canada´s presentation.

You hid your face into your folded arms.


"Hey, [first name], dude, still awake?"

Only when America you shook awake, you realized that you actually were asleep. You looked at him questioningly.

"You did not miss much. You only missed Matthy, Ukraine, the three who work in that Russian´s House and half of Belarus´ presentation. ", he enumerated, while you just yawned, rubbed your eyes, and rearranged your hair.

"Argh, you couldn´t wake me up earlier, could you, Alfred?" You asked, inwardly hoping that no one had noticed your little nap.

"I SMS-ed with Toni! Also, I'm hungry! Ya know that I can´t think while being hungry. "

Nodding, you only sighed, while you wondered whether SMS-ed was a proper verb or not.

Probably not.

After some time, which you used to think dumb and senseless thoughts, America said: "Finally," being loud enough to be heard by Natalya.

The killer look that she sent Alfred, were studiously avoided by him. Or he just didn´t notice the death glares Natalya sent him.


In any case, Russia now began his presentation and you couldn´t help but stare at him.

Even though he certainly was an unusual man, he had something that was incredibly interesting for you. Was it because of his aura, which so many described as creepy? Or were it just his incredibly beautiful eyes...?

Whenever it was about Ivan Braginski, you were a little fan girl.

Your friends Taiwan and Hungary thought this was extremely cute and, in contrast, your "dude" Alfred was really unhappy with your love interest. You weren´t sure why he disliked the Russian, but believed that he thought Ivan was dangerous (like everyone else did). How often have you had been warned that Ivan was dangerous and unpredictable...?

This still couldn´t keep you away from Ivan, still you began to date him. Natalya herself couldn´t keep you away from him…

You rested your elbows on the oak table and put your face in your palms. You knew that you acted as a lovey-dovey twelve year old schoolgirl. You knew -without looking-that America was sitting next to you, much less happy than you were. Not that you really cared.

You listened to Ivan. Well knowing that you wouldn´t be able to remember one single word of his presentation later, you melted under his warm and sexy voice.

~ After the meeting ~

You linked arms with Ivan, your head on his shoulder; the two of you went to your favorite park. Since you began to date a few weeks ago, you came there regularly. As always, Ivan shared his scarf with you, as always your face was pink.

Whenever you were together with Ivan, nothing else was important to you anymore.

Whenever he hugged you, you felt dizzy.

Whenever you were close to each other, your heart beat twice as fast as before.

And again and again you hoped he would finally kiss you!

Unexpectedly, Ivan was cute, shy and accommodating, even if nobody ever believed you when you said it.

And even through you never had kissed a boy; you knew that you had to do the first steps in this relationship.

Ivan wasn´t accustomed to 'interacting with girls'.

You knew that he had no idea what you wanted to suggest all the time.

And that´s why you decided that you would kiss him today!

"Why so thoughtful today, маленькая принцесса *?"

A smile played on your lips, before you freed yourself from his scarf and walked over a nearby park bench to sit down on it.

Ivan remained standing where he stood, looking at you quizzically, surprised.

"... Ivan?"

"Да **?"

"I love you." You said, smiling, looking him straight in these amethyst-colored eyes.

"I love you too." Ivan replied with a warm smile and sat next to you; he put his scarf around your neck again.

Ivan was about to say something, but you already seized him by the collar, dragged him to your face and pressed your lips on his.

It was a short kiss, innocent and inexperienced, and yet your heart beat was incredibly fast and you were breathing heavily.

"My little princess is quite wild, I assume?" Ivan asked with a genuine love written all over his face.

"Hehe, well, sometimes." You replied and flushed.

"I am so sorry! I know that the kiss was awkward. It´s because I lack any training and-"

Again you felt warm lips on your own; the kiss was sweet and loving and you thought your heart was thumping away.

"... I also have to practice, so we can do it together, да?" He asked, smiling a smile that stirred your blood.

"Oh, Ivan ... " you sighed happily, back in your own little world; where only Ivan and the beautiful winter landscape existed.

You didn´t notice the boy who was hiding behind a tree, silently crying because of too much sorrow and blank refusal; the last tear fell down his cheek lonely and slowly before it silently fell into the soft, white snow ...

* Little Princess [Russian]

** Yes [Russian]

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No More

This is for yarj from deviantart~

Request: FranexReaderxEngland

Warnings: That One-Shot got kinda depressing -.-"

It's R-12


You say we'll work it out, then you say you're having doubts.

Thinking about it, there was no denying.

No matter how often Francis dumbed you, no matter how often the two of you broke up, you always ended up running to Arthur. Cuddling him, letting him pet your hair. He'd always cheer you up; kiss your cheek, telling you everything will get better eventually. Thinking about it twice, it really wasn't fair, was it?

Tell me walk away, but then you'll go insane.

Arthur didn't like how Francis.

You knew that he was over-protective about you. He always was. You really had no clue to the why, it simply was like this and you accepted it. Never once you even thought about what made the usually rather cold Brit warm up when it came to you, or why he always listened to your problem which always happened to include your 'beloved' boyfriend.

Calling me day and night, saying he don't treat you right.

One time, Francis cheated on you with two women.

Of course, you were really sad and angry and confused and so many other things. You just couldn't understand; you were not stupid, not ugly, and not bitchy. What was his problem? Francis got you to the point where you thought to yourself how very stupid you were. How very ugly, how very unloved. He'd never say that straight into your face, but with his damn cheating and his entire behavior towards you as soon as his best friends were around? They spoke more than that few sentences he could have said.

"He's nothing but a fucking jerk!" you whined into Arthur's shirt.

Then you always turn around and give him one more chance.

But he's a cute jerk, right?

You couldn't help it. The very moment he remembered you and the fact that he actually had a girlfriend, he'd be in front of your door, a bouquet in his left hand, chocolate in his right hand, kneeling before you, kissing your hand, begging for forgiveness. You'd always be hesitant about taking him back. But he'd whisper sweet nothing nesses, embracing you, kissing your forehead. You were always aware of the fact that he'd cheat and break your heart all over again. Still, your answer was always a yes.

Baby you know it isn't fair, you'll send me to be there.

After you made up again, you'd always spent every single free second with Francis. And the French his with you. For those next weeks, you'd be all lovey-dovey again. You'd ignore your friends, even Arthur, only having eyes for your little Frenchie.

But we'd never get no-where.

After that lovey-dovey time, you'd argue again, and you'd cry again for hours. You'd cry yourself to sleep in Arthur's arms. You were so glad you had your best friend, who'd always embrace you and hold you tight. Very little did you know that said friend loved you even more deeply than you'd ever love Francis.

I've got one foot out the door, I don't wanna hear about him no more.

"I've had enough of this," the Brit yelled at you, "Now that he decided to care for you again, you run off, ignore your friends and pretend your life is perfect!"

You stared at him in shock. Never once had Arthur reacted like that after you told him that you were Francis' girlfriend again.

"No, go and kiss him and hug him and do whatever with him! But don't come back crying tears that you might as well have saved! I swear, if you come to me and say his name ever again, I won't be able to be your best friend anymore. "

I'll make along so we shall, time to make up your mind girl.

This argument saddened you. A lot. And it wouldn't get better after this. You tried to spent time with Arthur even through you were Francis' girlfriend. One might think this couldn't be all too hard, but both of them hated each other and you were trapped in the middle. You knew they both waited for a decision. One that you simply couldn't make.

No more back and forth, I don't wanna hear about him no more.

You tried to avoid the subject 'Francis' around Arthur. You tried really, really hard. But sometimes you just slipped. Arthur ignored, or at least tried it. But you knew he was still furious about everything.

"Hey, what do you think? We could go to the park and do our homework there."

"I can't, I…" you mumbled, 'have a date with Francis', you added in your mind.

You knew that Arthur understood trough.

His expression darkened, and his smile fell. He nodded stiffly, getting up, gathering his things and bidding you farewell with a bow of his head.

"Just give me some time!" you yelled after him. You knew it was wrong to be with Francis, but you just couldn't let him go.

If I'm not what you want, I don't wanna hear no more.

He had been more defensive after that, and sometimes he'd actually ignore you completely, or answer the way you'd answer a stranger. You couldn't find that fair. Without a reason, he began to be like this. Normally, you would have confronted him, wanting to know what was wrong with him. But like mentioned above, you had a date with Francis.

Stop telling me you need more time, tired of the same old line.

"Arthur, open that door, I now you're there!" you shouted, while knocking.

Still, he wouldn't open the door. You growled. That wasn't fair. He wouldn't even talk to you!

"Arthur, if you're mad because of 'him', I can't help it! Give me some time to get things straight. I still love him too much, you know I can't leave him!"

"I'm tired of that old shit. Just leave me be if you can't get away from that jerk." He yelled back.

He still wouldn't open his door for you.

Better make a move or you are gonna find, are you taking it.

You shook your head, saddened by the result of your attempt to explain yourself. It had been a failure, and things were possibly even worse. You sighted sadly, turning around, leaving him. Again. Not just physically but also mentally when you're phone vibrated and you got a text from Francis.

Once you began to read, there was no Arthur in your mind anymore.

Cos you know it's wrong, better let him know it's time to go your moving on.

Arthur watched you leaving. He was quite sure who you'd go to know, who'd embrace you, laying his dirty fingers onto your small frame. To say it pissed him off was a lie. No, he accepted. But he knew it was time for you to move on. Even if Arthur love had been unrequited ever since, he at least would have wished that his former best friend was smart enough to look for a good partner, and not one that couldn't care less about her. It may be that Francis loved her in the beginning, but now she was only the girl he had when another one left him.

Baby you don't know how close I am to being gone.

Arthur now got his attention to where it belonged: his cartons. He was already half way done with packing his stuff. He's move to his older brother Ian. He couldn't watch this misery anymore. It was time to leave, even stubborn Arthur finally realized.

Really known you long enough,

Even in kindergarten, he had loved you. During all those years of knowing you, it became worse. You were the only person that ever made him smile genuinely. Sadly enough, he wasn't that person for you too.

I can only take so much, tell me if I have you heart.

Just once, Arthur had wanted to hear something that could have brought his hopes up. Like, "I've finally broke up with Francis." Or maybe even, "I'm finally giving up."

It would have been enough to make him stay. But he knew luck wouldn't be his. It would never if it came to you.

You may have told him that you also loved him often. But it was even more often that you told him that you did not love him as much as Francis.

Baby you know it isn't fair, you expect me to be there.

He was tired of waiting. He was always waiting for you to pop up and cry your eyes out about your oh-so-loved 'Frenchie'. Arthur was sick of listening. Sick of being that guy you only came to when you were left alone by Francis. He wouldn't wait for something that never came.

But we never get no-where.

All those painful remarks about how cute and nice you boyfriend was, they made Arthur suffer so much. He was quite aware that you friendzoned him and to him it was like the ninth circle of hell. He decided that he wouldn't go through this hell anymore. Not for you.

If you're sure that you really love me.

Arthur shook his head. He knew that you loved him. But he also knew that it wasn't enough. Not enough to choose him instead of Francis.

Out the door if you still don't know.

The saddest thing was that he knew that Francis only dated you to make him suffer. Because the French was an ass like that, only wanting to show Arthur that he'd never be better than Francis. But Arthur really loved you while Francis didn't. There was the big mistake in that story. It should be the other way round.

I'll be there for you and you know it's true,

Right now Arthur told himself that he'd leave and never see you again. But at the same time, he knew that he'd take the first flight from Dublin as soon as you called him, sobbing and crying.

You belong to me. What you go and do

He'd always love her. He lost his heart to her; and along with his heart; came his entire being. He'd never be able to change that, even if he never wanted to see her again, he'd always think about her.

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Bittersweet Symphony [Pianist!GermanyxReader]for Silverwing100

Fire. Cries. Pain. Blood.

It all proved them so wrong. So, so very wrong.

'To protect, help, moderate, and fight'

You heard crying children, begging for their parents. You could make out ruffled moans of pain. You could feel the blood under your naked feet. Surprisingly enough, it didn't even feel weird; if something, it was warming your feet. Still, it was sickening to know what made your feet feel a bit warmer now. Actually, it made you feel your feet again; the snow and the cold did their best to make your feet numb—just like your entire body had been.

'Cause it's a bittersweet symphony, this life

Although you felt numb—inside as much as outside—you tried to run as fast as possible. Your legs wouldn't exactly listen to you and now and then, you slumped to the ground in a rather painful manner, making you remember that under the fluffy snow were stones and bodies. Dead bodies. Corpses. Already cold, at that, but you couldn't feel how cold exactly. In fact, they weren't that much colder than you were.

Try to make ends meet

Your torn and dirty dress, the one Roderich bought you so long ago, was not really helping at all; shoes weren't even there. They did not plan this out well. Whatever possessed the leader of the Germans; Hitler; was no good for this mission. You weren't a fan of him, although you spent most of your life in Germany, but you never thought that he was stupid enough for this. Sending his troops out to invade the Soviets. Without needed supplies. Warm clothes, for example, had been brought after the troops; they finally realized that it was cold in Russia! A bit too late, perhaps, since most of your comrades are dead already. It was cold—really cold, about -37°C—and you weren't able to say if your abilities as a nurse would really help anyone at all. Not that you cared anymore. There was just one person you wanted to find. One single person, important enough to gain your full attention although you could already feel death gripping your shaky, weak hands.

'How? How could this just happen?'

You're a slave to money then you die

Once upon a time, there was a small girl, playing with her two best friends. The small one was so very innocent, and the world was a beautiful place, although there wasn't always enough food or money or comfort. Although her parents weren't there, she could always smile at everybody. The little girl couldn't do much with her days. They weren't plain and boring through! Often, she'd visit her uncle, Roderich, a gifted pianist, to just listen to his music. Art, he would often call it, precious art that could make people happy. Uncle always looked so fancy and pretty and happy while playing! The girl smiled affectionately, she could have anything in her life; especially happiness. One could be happy without money as long as he did what made him smile!

I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down

However, Uncle changed when he grew to be older. He was interacting with strange people. They would want to hear him playing; they brought him a new piano, and new clothes, and they even let him move in a new, big house. Of course, since the girl's parents weren't there anymore, he took her with him. At first she was happy, with all the new attention her servants gave to her, or all the new toys she had. But, one evening when she listened to her uncle, she cried silently to herself. Uncle still played; but he didn't seem happy anymore. He seemed stressed, depressed and tired. It was that very moment, when the girl realized how one couldn't be happy, and smile all the time, and do whatever one desires to do. She had no clue why, yet. But she was determinded to figure out anyway.

You know the one that takes you to the places

So, the little girls asked her uncle; why weren't all the people happy out there? Why did they spend their life with work, work and work, only to get a big house and nice clothes?

The uncle, on the other hand, didn't know how to reply. He was playing piano, and it was what made him happy, right? He didn't understand the girl.

She pouted, knowing that he couldn't understand her at all; he'd seem unhappy all day, was her worried reply.

To that, there was no answer. He had no clue that she knew this much.

Where all the veins meet yeah,

It was her tenth birthday when she finally realized that life wasn't about happiness and peace and love. It was a harsh time in Germany, and even through her uncle was one of the very few pianists who earned at least some money, she was sent to work too. The work was hard, naturally, and she couldn't earn much, but since her uncle wasn't able to pay all their debts, she'd have to do it anyway; they already sold their house, and there wasn't much more they could do now. It took them five weeks. Five weeks, to prove her philosophy so utterly wrong. She had to think of her uncle. How his art just wouldn't sell nowadays. She wished she could at least give him some happiness, smile the smile he loved so much. But there weren't any smiles in their household anymore. All they did was working, sleeping; sometimes, if they weren't too short on money, they could also eat something.

Well I never pray

As an adult, you tried to forget the little girl you used to be. It wasn't just a painful memory full of tears and sadness, but it also didn't suit your current position; you decided to become a nurse for the German troops. It wasn't quite war, but you could sense it; pre-war, was what you called the situation. People were tense, Hitler was the head of state, and—most importantly—the Germans had nothing to lose; or at least the thought so. They wouldn't hesitate to fight, none of them. And you wouldn't hesitate to help those poor soldiers who would be left one the ground after being shot. To you, though, it wouldn't matter if they were Germans, French or Russians. You only wanted to help. Not to kill anyone knowingly because you refused help.

But tonight I'm on my knees yeah

Sometimes, you'd silently enter your uncle's current resident. It was quite large, due to the fact that he finally could write a good piece of art again. He played it every now and then at some theatres. He always claimed that he hadn't got the slightest clue why it was so famous and popular while his other tries weren't. You knew it through; he played with his heart, not with his brain. In this piece, he let all his feelings, the ones he bottled up so long; the ones that were clearly in the air, that smell of war and depression and that slight, small piece of war.

I need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah

You'd try to eavesdrop his new pieces more often now; wanting to hear at least something familiar in this very strange world; filled with strangers and faceless, with everyone only watching his own back while trying to walk forward.

I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind, I feel free now

A small graced your lips as you heard those familiar sounds. But something was off. Although Roderich put his heart into his new pieces, he hadn't played this honestly deep-felt in a very, very long time. Shakily, you opened the door. What you saw wasn't exactly what you would have expected.

But the airways are clean and there's nobody singing to me now

The music stopped when you entered the room. A tall blonde sat at Roderich's usual place, playing the piano so very moving. His icy blue eyes linked with yours for a moment; you stared back, silently wishing for the music to play again. As if he heard you, he began to play again.

'Cause it's a bittersweet symphony, this life

You sat down silently, closing your eyes. You felt melancholy then, all your memories flooded back; the good ones, when everything was alright and the world seemed to be inviting, full of mysterious; back then, when everyone deserved happiness, and not just a single group of all those people.

Try to make ends meet

Ludwig Beilschmidt.

What a beautiful name it was. He was a friend of Roderich, they met in some theatre.

Not just was he a talented pianist, but also a Sergeant Major, serving the German army. Not even once you dared to interrupt him during the playing. And even after he was done, both of you remained silent until one of you stood up to leave. And still, as if it was a silent appointment, you were always there, every second evening, listening to him.

Try to find some money then you die

You hadn't been wrong; Hitler finally decided to begin. He shamelessly used the Germans and their bad shape. He knew they'd do anything as long as they thought things would get better. He promised them what all politicans promised; money, happiness, heaven on earth. And all he wanted was some loyality.

I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down

It didn't even seem too bad for the Germans, you noted, although you hadn't been on the battlefield yet to care for the fallen soldiers. In fact, with the non-aggression pact with Russia, everything seemed to go very good for the Germans.

You know the one that takes you to the places

Of course, it was too early to say that. He finally decided to attack Russia. And you would go there too, as a nurse. The farewell reminded a lot of some kind of short, 'Bye, I'll have to buy some eggs at the grocery.' None of us thought we might lose. 'To protect, help, moderate, and fight'

Where all the things meet yeah

The dress Roderich gave to you as a present was something you took thankfully. It wasn't just good-looking, but easy to move in and still very warm. You heard that Russia was cold. It was that very day, when you left forever.

I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down

You didn't really know anybody. Well, except for one, Ludwig. In fact, it was just now that you first talked to him. He was rather serious and strict, but still fun to be around. His hair was always in a neat shape, most of the time slicked back; only God knows how he managed it through. Often, the two of you would drink some beer once you made a little break for the nights. He was a bit overly patriotic, but other than that fun to be around.

I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down

Ludwig would often talk to his soldiers, telling them how it wouldn't be a problem; the Russian weren't just stupid, but also they withdraw and left Moscow. The cold may have been disturbing and almost painful but supplies were coming from Germany and as soon as Moscow was theirs, they wouldn't have to worry anyway! 'To protect, help, moderate, and fight! We shall prove the German army that we are in fact good soldiers!'

Been down

Soon enough, they all had to realize that Ludwig had been wrong. It was all well-planned. The people left were citizen, children, women and furious men. They all fought, a lot of them died. They were mad at the Germans, at Hitler. Obviously, since he told his men to make them 'suffer as much as possible'.

Ever been down

The Germans thought that was it, but it wasn't. No wood for a fire, like they had hoped there would be. No warm winter clothing. Nothing to be found anywhere. They all were furious. They wanted warmth; their Sergeant Major promised it. It was the one thing they fought for.

Ever been down

Soon enough, though, they found out that they wouldn't want warmth at all. A lot of them had been dieing due to the immense cold, true. But when the big fire began, the flames attempt to eat every house in record time, they all seemed to change their mind. Quickly, at that. You coughed. The smoke was invading your lungs.

Ever been down

You tried your best to remain on your legs, although they shivered more by every passing minute, with every time you'd let the smoke fill your lungs. Ludwig. You had to find Ludwig. The one person that could actually touch your heart despite the war, the misery, the pain.

Ever been down

You stumbled one final time, the ground smashing into your face. You were too weak to yelp out of pain. You simply laid there. Between those corpses. Russians, Germans, children, adults, soldiers, average citizens. It was wrong. Sickening. You closed your eyes.

Have you ever been down?

And it was cold. So very cold. 'To protect, help, moderate, and fight'

Seems as if we failed, Ludwig.

You would have laughed at the sarcasm, if you still had the force over your body.

War never protected, helped or moderated. It never did.

It never would.

Have you've ever been down?

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Lips of an Angel

Request: Fem!UKxMale!ReaderxFem!US

Warnings: Some colourful phrases ahead!

It's R-12


Honey why are you calling me so late?

The loud ringing of your mobile awoke you rather harshly; sleepily, you tried to find it in the darkness that had occupied your room. When you could finally feel the cold mobile, you lazily deactivated the keylock and accepted the incoming call without even caring to look who called in the first place. You were quite sure you knew who it was.

"Bonne nuit, Anglaise! Quoi de neuf, Chérie?"

A bright grin spread across your face. Let's see what the Briton would answer to your rather sarky (and brilliantly witty) attempt to speak French.

It's kinda hard to talk right now

There was a rather hypocritical laugh; possibly accompanied by a plastic smile. Her next words sounded rather insincere too, almost forced, "Oh, belt up! Whoever speaks this bloody language by choice is officially barmy."

"Ouch, you just hurt my feeling. Anyways, what's up? Did you kill Francis? Do you need help hiding his body?" you tried to joke, so the awkward tension would finally die, "If you just woke me up for less than this, I'd prefer it if you'd call me in the morning, y'know? Plus, I wouldn't want to wake up Amelia. You know how she is when you wake her up."

"Look who had a clown for breakfast." Came the sarcastic reply, "Jolly good, dimwit. Should I call a later time, when you're actually able to act your age?"

You flinched a bit, "Sweet, Lizzie. Really, it's always nice to talk to you."

Lizzie just snarled, "Last time I'll say this: Belt the fuck up!"

It was just that moment that you realized that there wasn't just the faked joy and the sarcasm in Lizzie's voice. You're eyes widened a fraction. Was Lizzie crying…?

"Lizzie. What's wrong?"

Honey why are you crying, is everything okay?

"I'm not crying." Was the stubborn reply.

Still, you were certainly sure. You weren't exactly the man who knew women the best and who could always tell how they felt; but with Lizzie it was quite easy, since you knew each other since…well, forever, basically.

"Listen, I—", you interrupted yourself, since your girlfriend next to you began to mumble something, before turning over again. You eyed her for a moment, before you were sure she was just sound asleep, "Listen, Elizabeth, if you don't tell me what's wrong on instant, I'll come over. Right now. In my boxer shorts. Do you really want that?"

I gotta whisper 'cause I can't be too loud






"…Ew. Alright, I'll tell you."

"Great! Now. Talk."

She hesitated only for another second, before inhaling fresh oxygen.

"…Well. My boyfri-…" she sighted, "I mean Francis and I went on a date today. And it was ace, really. Well at least in the beginning. Then I became total crap. That arse actually left me alone during dinner, because he received a call. He took out his mobile, talked to whoever-the-fuck. I had no clue who actually would call him. That late, I mean. He stood up and left me without a word, that blooming wanker!"

Ouch, that was harsh. But you told her often enough that he was an arsehole, right? She could have listened but no…!

"And you don't call him your boyfriend anymore because…?" Surely she wouldn't break up over something this small. Damn, this was Lizzie. Strange enough that this buggered her at all.

"Well, I thought nothing too bad. He often has to do something for his work right?"

You nodded, although she couldn't see. Then again, though, she didn't even want an answer, she just rambled on.

"I thought, 'Hey, Lizzie, why not visiting your little sister, now that she's in town for that week!' And that's what I did then."
To be exact, Lizzie and Maddie, her 'sister', weren't even related to each other. In fact, Lizzie kind of adopted Maddie at some point in kindergarten (not that adopted you think of now. She just claimed the Canadian as her sister. Both were best friends since forever now.) Still, you had a bad feeling about what would probably come next now. 'Please don't, please don't' you chanted inwardly, waiting for her to continue.

Well, my girl's in the next room

"I never knew she was such a wagon!" Lizzie cried loudly into the phone.

'Wagon? Wow, if she's cursing in Irish, things must be really bad.' That very moment, you were sure what Madeleine did. And what Francis did. Still, you wanted to hear it before jumping to conclusions.

"So they…?"

"Yes. Yes they did."

You exhaled, before settling your mind, "Where are you right now?"

"At McLaren's." Ah, so it was the favourite pub of the both of you. "Why do you ask…?"

But you already hung up. Lizzie needed you. Now. You kissed your girlfriends forehead lightly, making sure to let her continue sleeping. You left a little note.

Sometimes I wish she was you

Good morning, sleepy head.

I'm sorry that I won't be there to kiss you awake and surprise you with some breakfast, but I had a rather unpleasant call. It's urgent.

Don't be to mad, alright?

I love you :*

PS: I'll make it up to you tonight ;D

I guess we never really moved on

Rushing outside, nothing but the car key and some money in your trouser pockets (you wore very stylish battered tracksuit trousers and a grey wife beater, which both looked quite magnificent with those worn out plimsolls of yours. Except the shoes, it was your regular pyjama.)

It's really good to hear your voice saying my name

You weren't sure what exactly made you sense that Lizzie needed you right there. But somehow you just knew that talking over the phone wouldn't be it. You started the engine and, as soon as your car left the drive, you drove at full throttle.

It sounds so sweet

You tried to reason yourself, you tried desperately. There was no way you did that because you still loved your ex. No effing way! But then again, was there another reason you did that? For another friend, you definitely wouldn't drive with 120 km/h to a pub in the next town, risking to get caught by an officer, while wearing the ugliest clothes you had ever bought, with messy hair, dark circles around the eyes and that for nothing but some cheating? Something you could have soothed said person the next day just as well? You tried to stop thinking about that. No way. You loved Amelia much too dearly.

Coming from the lips of an angel

You couldn't really remember when you were this churned up the last time. On the one hand, you wanted desperately to turn around, drive home and shower Amelia with affection and love. And if it was only to feel yourself better afterwards. (It was making you feel guilty that you thought just minutes ago that you still might love your ex. And her best friend, mind you!)

On the other hand, you cursed your damn car for not being faster. You wanted to get to Lizzie as desperately.

Hearing those words it makes me weak

It wasn't exactly the first time, Lizzie whined about boys in front of you. But every time she said that she just broke up, your heart skipped a beat. That wasn't normal, was it?

And I never wanna say goodbye

Ever since Lizzie and you broke up, it had been like this; whining with each other about relationships, going drinking regulary, and even having intercourse the one or another time. Of course, as soon as your girlfriends knew that Lizzie and you had been together once, they wanted you to stop talking to her. Which you just couldn't. After all, Lizzie was one of the dearest persons to you. You dumped dozens of girls because of her.

But girl you make it hard to be faithful

Sometimes, you even cheated on your girlfriends with Lizzie. And she cheated on her boyfriends with you. But only if both of you needed a reason to stop dating your current love interest. On Amelia, though, you didn't plan cheating.

With the lips of an angel

You slammed on the brake immediately when you saw the well-known logo of your very favourite pub. You parked carelessly (you couldn't care less if you'd have to pay a fine…) You entered the pub (you jogged there and attracted many strange stares, but who cared?), "Lizzie!"

It's funny that you're calling me tonight

She waved you over, looking slightly surprised, "Lizzie!" You hugged her tightly, holding her as close as possible. She buried her head in the crook of your shoulders, sobbing lightly, "Y-you stupid p-prat! Y-you sh-shouldn't b-be here, a-at a-all."

"I know, I know, " you rubbed her back to console her a bit, "I'm sorry, Lizzie, I'm sorry."

And yes I've dreamt of you too

After a while, Lizzie calmed down, at least a bit.



"So, what are you planning right now?" came your plain question.

"I think I'll talk to that wanker. Let's see what he got to say about this. I'll most-likely break up with him finally, though."

You could only nod, "Be strong, Lizzie, be strong."

She grinned, "I'm always strong, stupid."

And does he know you're talking to me?

You never really got along with Francis. He was a rotten bastard, not knowing whether he wants to be an over-protective arsehole-boyfriend or a god-damned cheater-fucker. You meant what you said to Lizzie, though: He was the most manipulative arse ever been on earth.

Will it start a fight?

Amelia wasn't mad at all, when you came back later that day, looking like a hobo. She even greeted you with a kiss, with a meal, and with a sweet, "You look tired, darling. How about a massage?"

You, of course, accepted that offer gladly, sighting happily and thanking god for giving you Amelia. Still, you couldn't help but think about Lizzie. You hoped she would finally be able to speak up against that French idiot.

No I don't think she has a clue



"How about dinner tonight? Y'know, to celebrate our third-month-anniversary?" Amelia asked sweetly, acute blush on her face.

You were about to tell how good that idea was, and that you would love to, when your mobile buzzed. It was a short text message:


I really need you know.

Could you please come over tonight?

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Request: Insane!EnglandxReader

Written for: thefaiye

Warnings: Suicde. General madness.

It's R-12

I live in a wave through thin dream


It was one of those confusing words; one that made you wonder about basically everything and nothing. The worst was, though, that no one could really say what it was; a hobby? A present from god? Eternal suffering? Maybe the reason we are actually born?

As soon as persons fell in love with their certain someone (or with whoever they thought was their certain someone) they believed they would be able to tell you what love was and how it felt and what it meant. Who were they to shower you with facts that are only true for themselves? Did they have the actual right to do so?

I, I can cry

It wasn't as if you thought love was stupid. No, how could you actually think so? You just got comfortable with avoiding love at your best. You just didn't want to be one of those lovey-dovey girls who were so openly betrayed by their 'certain someone'. Love was so cruel.

You just didn't want that. Not at all.

You know the time, time's not kind

But eventually, even you weren't as lucky as to get away without having a serious case of 'blind and utterly stupid' love sickness. You weren't sure whether it was this special kind of atmosphere surrounding him whenever your eyes met for a second, or whether it was that magnificent smirk on his lips. And maybe, just maybe, it was the very moment you locked eyes with him for the first time, that you forgot about how cruel love proved to be and how you didn't want it at all.

Thinking about it later, you would always compare it with being trapped in a spider's web.

But I remember, the way we were

You'd always been a little careful with yourself, especially your feelings; but you couldn't deny that you liked to get your adrenaline flowing once in a while. And somewhere deep inside you just felt that Arthur wouldn't just be exciting and possibly a challenge, but that he was probably the most interesting person you ever met so far.

He was intriguing.

Slow, slow sad love

He was, in fact, a very hard challenge.

At first, it was hard to get near him. He had this invisible wall surrounding him, blocking him from every human contact whatsoever. You became friends eventually. It was a lot afford to get there, indeed. And, he wasn't exactly as interesting as you wished he would be.

Well, that was what you thought, that is.

You were terribly mistaken.

I wonder do you miss my love

You noticed that you did feel very close to the British man, and that there was definitely attraction between the both of you…(maybe even some UST but that was a completely different story, after all.) But you figured that he was the Prince Charming for another girl. (He was just a bit too stiff and too cutesy at times. So affectionate, it was hardly to bare. He possibly got this trait because he once raised his little brother and because he was just raised to be the perfect gentleman.)

Soon enough, he told you how he loved you. Ever since you two met. Being the girl who was in love, but not in true, perfect love, you still said yes.

You couldn't live without being with Arthur after all, could you?

I know you can't

Nothing changed that much at all. Really, he was still the same as before, just not so red anymore, when touching you without intending to. Some smaller tokens of affection were exchanged too; other than that, you still acted like the good friends you were before he asked you out.

(It's just a wave passing over me)

There was just one thing about Arthur that just buggered you: His jealousy.

It's just a wave passing over me

You never knew he could actually be quite the bastard when jealous, but you noticed, after Francis Bonnefoy had flirted with you very openly in the very front of Arthur. Arthur didn't just yell at him and insulted him, he also punched him. Hard. Very, very hard.

What are these waves?

That wasn't all too shocking, truth to be told. Arthur tended to be a bit heated over some things. It were the breaking news the next morning that had shocked you.

'Young super model Francis Bonnefoy had been found dead in his apartment yesterday evening before the big fashion week in London started. The model had been booked for a walk that very evening, and when the assistants looked for him, they found his corpse instead. He was killed by three shots in the breast. There is no clue who the murderer could be yet.'

You choked.

Wasn't it ironical how Arthur and Francis had been fighting each other yesterday before Arthur stomped off and didn't come back until midday the next day?

They're coming over me

Things didn't get better after that shock. More names were in the news.

'Antonio Hernandez, found murdered in his house.'

'There is no clue where Alfred F. Jones could be at the very moment yet, but the police thinks that…'

'Ivan Braginski had been found dead in a club. Possibilities are high, that-'

You flinched. How did it come that the killed people were either your exes or guys who tried to hit on you at least once since you were together with Arthur?

You gulped.

It must be my destiny

Arthur himself acted, well, normal, to say the least. He seemed strangely happy these days, and it made you rather nervous. Every now and then you waited for him to pull out a gun, aim it at you and say, 'Now now, love. Why would you want to go out for a walk without me?' whenever you went for a small walk and asked him to give you some 'alone time'.

Waves, goodbye

You tried to forget about it. Desperately, if I might add.

There was just one problem (except for the never ending news flashes, announcing that the 'Player Killer' striked again…); you just couldn't get your mind of those killed boys. And it made you sick not to know whether this was Arthur's fault or maybe any other persons fault.

You decided to confront him.

Goodbye, goodbye

Surprisingly enough, he didn't even deny it for a tick.

You just asked him, and he said simply yes.

Why, you demanded.

"Because, love, you're mine. Eternally."

You didn't dare to disagree.

It's just a wave passing, it's just a wave passing, it's just a wave passing, and it's just a wave passing over me, over me

Some people say that love is the highest present you can receive in life. Some say love breaks people. Some say love means suffering.

Some say love means death.

In your case, all of them are right.

All you knew for sure was that you couldn't do it.

You just couldn't

What are these waves?

You loved him to much to tell the police. You loved him, even though he did so many things to you; did that make you stupid? Retarded? Love sick? All of them?

They're coming over me

If love was eternally, wouldn't that make it the strongest force on earth?

It does right?

But why does love lead to so much pain?

Why does it make people insane?

Why does it kill people?

Why does it make people suffer?

Why does it make people jump?

Why does it make people take the last step without hesitation?

How could it possibly make you take that last step with a smile?

It must be my destiny

Some say love is a miracle.

Some say it's science.

Others say it's destiny.

Goodbye, goodbye (it must be my destiny)

For all you knew, it was your judge.

For all you knew, it was what made you jump.

For you, it was what made you drown.

For you, it was what pulled you down.

For you, it was what took your breath, even in the very last seconds.

For you, it was what made you think of the most horrible and insane person you ever knew.

For you, it was the magic, that made you love the villain.

Goodbye, goodbye (it must be my destiny)

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