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Post  FinalPocky on Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:25 pm

A supremely short fic starring Prussia and America.
"…..Ah. I ran out of syrup." Prussia said one morning. His brother, Germany, was busy cleaning Italy clothes (which, had become a normal thing for him lately).
"What do I do!? My pancakes cannot be awesome without the syrup!" Prussia shouted as though the world was about to end.
"Just go out to the store and buy some." Germany said, annoyed.
"NO! It can't just be any average syrup! It's gotta be Canadian Maple Syrup!"
"CANADIAN. MAPLE. SYRUP." Prussia was standing on his chair by now and had begun to describe this Canadian Maple Syrup.
(Does that even exist??) Germany thought, wondering if Prussia was just making this up. He had certainly never heard of anything "Canadian". But Prussia wasn't joking. He was on the computer, buying plane tickets to a place called Canada.
"Wait, it exists!?"
"Hang on cakes, you'll be awesome soon enough"
America sat on his brother's doorstep, looking very annoyed. He had decided to pay a visit to Canada who, as the note on the door said, had been visiting Cuba at the moment.
"I go through the trouble of coming all the way over here and he's even home! The nerve." He pouted. Just at that moment, someone came running towards him.
"CANADAAAAA~ I RAN OUT OF SYRUP!!!!" the man yelled. America was about to say that his twin brother wasn't home when the guy suddenly grabbed his own stomach and fell to the ground.
"H-Hey! Are you alright!?" America shouted, running to the man. He hadn't gotten any reply so, as a hero, America had to do something.
"Are there any hamburgers around here?"
- - -
Because pancakes aren't awesome without syrup.

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[Fanfic] Maple Syrup! Empty Re: [Fanfic] Maple Syrup!

Post  suklarihn on Sat Aug 21, 2010 10:03 pm

It's really good, you have to finish it!

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